Belgian Interior Design: A Form Of Art

There are many kinds and forms of art when you are looking for ways to beautify your home. This is why it can get perplexing to pick the theme that works best for you and your entire family. One of the most famous ways to increase the visual value of a home is by putting up wall art. Belgian interior design focuses on this very aspect.

Belgian colors are all about serenity so you are safest when you use subtle neutrals. As for fabrics, just center your attention on linen. Use neutral colors then have a dash of blue or dull red somewhere. Steer clear from silver or any gold finish. Do not use bright, jarring colors, instead, look for white undertones. The gray palette is usable from ceiling to floor, a look that is simple yet stunning.

The coffee table is one furniture that would look great in Belgian interior design. Choose from rusty, black or burnished coffee tables which come with dull stones or weathered boards.

Belgian flooring should replicate the feelings of castle floors so go ahead and ask for stone flooring to be installed. As for lighting, use lanterns and candlesticks for the romantic glow in hallways.

It is also acceptable to use flowers or even branches. Use lots of firewood then stack them on a beautiful pile.

You may have noticed by now that there is a lack of pattern with the Belgian style. It is because it is completely reliant on neutral-colored paints and fabrics. These hues are used to present a laid-back lifestyle where subtlety is everything.

Tapestries are at the very center of home design for many centuries. There are now thousands of styles and forms that are available. European tapestries enjoy the highest demand, more specifically, Belgian tapestries.

Finding Belgian Tapestries

There are so many locations where you can find Belgian tapestries. Retail shops all over the country are no longer just found inside retail shops but also online. Performing an online search will greatly eliminate the need to hop from one store to the next. You can now use the Internet to look for a particular piece or theme. You can order online or just call home décor shops whose speciality is wall hangings.

Just like any kind of art, tapestries can also get pricey. The price all boils down to the kind of material used and from what era the artwork actually come from.

There are some people who wish to buy only the original Belgian tapestries and at certain eras at that. For such people, there are lots of auction houses that can offfer to sell original pieces from the Middle Ages and other eras. These, as expected, are priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are even those that can cost millions of dollars.

Hanging Belgian tapestry is as easy as hanging any other kind of wall hanging. Your taste is the primary factor that needs to be considered, everything such as rhyme or reason depends on your preference. 

European-American Taste

Though the Belgian style originated in Europe, this is currently causing raves in the country. Many American designers feel that home furnishings and other design elements that offer the Belgian look are fresh, unpretentious and stylishly comfortable.

Modern homes would do well to embrace this theme because English or French antiques, when used sparingly, are incredibly stylish. These offer an appeal that is hard to match as they are not your ordinary antiques.

‘Want to use Belgian interior design in your own home? Then be ready to embrace minimalism and a finite number of colors, for this is the only way to go.

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