Goodbye Jet Black, Hello Charcoal Gray Interiors

If you are thinking of revamping your home, make this project an exciting one for you by considering charcoal gray as the chief color. This hue is slightly lighter than jet black; in essence, charcoal gray is a color that can stand stylize any home.

The Versatility of Charcoal Gray

Though it is not as easy to match this color when compared to black, many interior designers believe that it is actually the new black. Using this color in your home is a great way to achieve a contemporary design.

Charcoal interiors can showcase both European and Asian-influenced furnishings. If you are opting for customized furniture pieces, rare antiques, and rich fabrics; then charcoal gray is just the right color to highlight these things. This color does not just highlight, it can also be the aspect that will harmonize every little aspect in a room.

Why Use Charcoal Gray Paint?

There are many other advantages in picking charcoal gray over the usual black color. Gray, in general, is a dark yet dramatic shade but its softer hue can successfully blend with any other colors. For instance, a charcoal shade that comes with cool undertones can be blended with black or blue in order to achieve elegance.

You can also fuse deep charcoal gray with white or light gray and you create the perfect backdrop for a couple of accent shades. This shade, when mixed with warm undertones, can be used together with white and pink to generate a feeling of cheerfulness in a room.

A room that is predominantly black and white can also be softened by the addition of this lighter hue.

In many cases, charcoal gray can be the best substitute for black in any color combination. Just make sure that you pay attention to the cool or warm undertones that you use.

Charcoal gray also brings about visual excitement (as opposed to the common notion that it is a dead color). When black becomes too much of a color contrast, it is charcoal gray that can come to the rescue. Though it also provides a lot of visual contrast, it is slightly softer than black so it appears to be more interesting.

Try to paint just one wall with charcoal gray. This will be the living area’s strongest visual focal point. To accentuate this look, place a large work of art on the wall or an oversized clock. To achieve a coordinated look, find an art piece that also has touches of charcoal gray. 

The Subtlety of Gray Furniture

When selecting elegant furniture, the color gray is not a common choice but it is nevertheless a versatile color to include when designing your home. With this color, it is easier to redesign whenever you want without the need to repaint or buy other curtains or a carpet.

This is also a great color choice for homeowners that have small children or pets as it is easy to clean and maintain. While lighter colors easily show smudges, charcoal gray can conceal them.

Expert Tricks in Using the Charcoal Gray in Your Home

  • Use only flat paint. Semi-gloss or high-gloss paint can make a home look too industrial; plus, it is easier to mix and match furniture and accessories if you use flat paint.
  • Use cream trimmings for gray walls. Using glaring white can be too, well, glaring. White dove paint will look amazing with your charcoal gray walls.

Install as many sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. These will eliminate the shadows that are casted by the color gray. Layered lighting can solve this issue.

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